Hello! This is a themes and resources blog. I also make themes myself.
Themes are optimized for google chrome.
1. 9 A.M.
2. The Dark Ages
3. White Pool
4. Martian Resident
5. Save Screen Arrangement


peach theme
preview one · preview two · download

  • 500px posts only
  • dates, tags, and captions can be beside or below the post
  • custom font family and font size
  • show/hide tags and captions
  • six custom links
WIll you release this theme someday? Because its super cool and I'm in love with your theme D:


I have no idea, honestly. D: But thank you so much!

For THEME #23, when you put on the option for infinite scroll, the customization and follow bar on the top right does not appear. It will only show if you don't have infinite scroll. I want infinite scroll, so is there any way to fix this problem?


No. It’s difficult to fix and I’m not sure how to 

would you ever make a tutorial of your music player/playlist?


Maybe someday yes. ;-;



  • One column
  • Optional width sizing, post spacing, and show captions
  • Endless scrolling
  • Edit fonts, font sizes, and colors

pixel icon masterpost


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Some of your few fist themes like thm09, 06, and 03 don't have navigation links. Did you purposely make them like that? If I want some links, how I do that?


I did make them like that. ^^ However, to add a link just use this:

<a href=”URL”>text</a>

hey i have a question, in the 12th theme, when you reblog a post that haves two photos (not one up and one down) those two images don't fit. so how can i change that?, i mean that the two images can fit. thanks! and i love your themes <3


The tumblr photoset sizes don’t support the image sizes my themes offer. :/ 


Static preview / Install
  • 250 / 400 / 500px post size options
  • 6 extra custom links
  • Search bar
  • Title & description
  • Sidebar Image (height 226px )
    (transparent images will look best)
  • Top bar image (Medium sized Pixels will look best)
  • Post Info
  • Tags on hover
  • Show captions option
  • Infinite Scroll option
  • Customizable colors
Please like or reblog if you are using or plan on using this theme. Thank you! 


theme #1 (lemonade) - static preview / code

  • 250px/400px/500px/double column posts
  • No Infinite Scroll
  • hover permalinks
  • sidebar image is fixed at 150 x 200
  • 3 extra links (hover over image)
  • optional tags and captions

please like/reblog if you’re using, and let me know of any problems~

you make wonderful themes so do you ever plan to make any pages?


Thank you so much! I’ve thought about it before but I’m not completely sure. ;u;

are u ever going to make a blogroll page?c:


I have no idea. D: I’ve thought of it before but I’m not entirely sure on how to make one!


theme 02: ocean breeze

code | previews: (1) (2) (3)


  • 5 custom links
  • circle or square links
  • left or right sidebar
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • webkit scrollbar 
  • optional favicon
  • cute cursor
  • cool audio posts!!
  • adjustable opacity
  • optional floaties
  • customizable credit image
  • reblog button

feel free to edit/customize as much as you want, but please leave the credit intact!!

please like/reblog if you use

hii! i'm using your theme #12 and I was wondering how to add a corner image like in the live preview? thanks btw ^^ your themes are so pretty <3


Insert this under the <body> tag,

<img style=”position:fixed; bottom:0px; left:0px; src=”YOUR-URL-HERE”/>

Anything in bold you can change accordingly. :) Make sure to upload your image somewhere so that you can get a URL for it. (Use tumblr’s static uploader here). And thank you so much!


Theme 027: Live Preview // Pastebin - Freetexthost

  • All colors are customizable
  • Width options for sidebar background image: 200px, 300px, 400px, 500px
  • Up to five custom links
  • Post width: 400px or 500px
  • Webkit scrollbar
  • Background image

Don’t steal, redistribute, remove/move credit, use/redistribute as base codes. Reset defaults for the color scheme in the live preview.

*Please like/reblog if you use this theme

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