Hello! This is a themes and resources blog. I also make themes myself.
Themes are optimized for google chrome.
1. 9 A.M.
2. The Dark Ages
3. White Pool
4. Martian Resident
5. Save Screen Arrangement
Do you ever plan to release any of your themes that you use for your main blog? I see that you change themes a lot.


Yes, I’m going to release a couple of them this weekend. :)


7x7 icons

Here are some icons I made for my theme.

  • They’re free to use (credit not needed)
  • They’re transparent
  • You may change the colors in ps, ms paint, pixlr etc. (Remember to save in .png or .gif format)

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hi was wondering how you made the stripe thing behind the posts and the border for this theme you are using? i've seen a lot of people making this in their themes too


Hello! I made it using MS Paint. :) You are free to use it! 

Your themes are so clean, elegant and stylish. I'm sure it's a reflection of your soul.


Wow I- ;___; You must get off of anon omfg I try my best!! <3 You are very sweet!

hi there, how do I make my custom links not float in the air? aka my blog "teenymoi" .


They aren’t floating in the air? ouo More specifically, what is wrong with them?

i enjoy using your themes so much, everything is lovely. i look forward to seeing your future works! i hope you have a good day :-)


Thank you very much lovely anon! <3

How did you get the flower on the side of your blog? What is the html code?


<img style=”position:fixed; top:0px; right:0px;” src=”YOUR URL”/>

Replace “YOURURL” with the url of your image and the one you want to use, the top and right (or bottom and left) can be changed. I found the flower in my dashboard.


how to put draggable items on your blog!!

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Need to find a new way to make links not so monotonous? When you use even, odd, and nth child selectors you can break up the color pattern. Under the read more explains how to utilize this neat CSS feature.

Up Next: How to Make a Search Bar!

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Search Boxes - apparently a hot commodity. I get asked this a lot, especially as far as theme-hunter’s theme was concerned. I now present you a tutorial on how to make one and how to style it. Enjoy!

up next: actual themes

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K.I.L.L. v2


Revamp of K.I.L.L.
With all new layout options!
Including: non-glitchy hover sidebar!

» i n f o  &  n o t e s

  • 400px and 500px posts only
  • 10 custom links
  • Gapless posts option
  • 6 sidebar layouts (see download post for screencaps)
  • Icon and/or Sidebar Images
  • Optional reblog info
  • Optional show secondary sidebar
  • Sidebar images:  
    01 / 02 - max width: 100px
    03 - max width: 200px

Please like or reblog if you use/plan on using this theme ♥

have you ever thought of making an about page or blogroll? it would be perfect if you made ones!


I am thinking about it yes!

hi, i'm using your 12th theme, and i was wondering how to fix the 180px(?) that cuts the photosets off, i have major ocd and i really love the theme but it's off putting to me when i look at it. i've tried looking through the code to try and fix it but no luck ;~;


A lot of editing goes into it… you can use scripts but those scripts won’t allow infinite scrolling to work so I apologize. :c The theme is as is.

your themes are the prettiest ive ever seen here on tumblr. thank you so much for sharing them. i love your style. please dont ever delete this blog :c


omg you are very precious<333 ;u; I won’t delete this blog, though sometimes I feel like doing that I won’t ever, thank you so much. :D This is such a sweet message, I’m smiling lots. >u<

thanks so much for making themes, they're all absolutely beautiful!


Awh, thank you so much!

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